Business Fields

We want to offer you first-rate tailor-made automation solutions for your needs to facilitate and speed up the various stages of the production process. We have decades of experience of the requirements and challenges set by different industries. Quality means for us that the product or service we produce meets its regulatory requirements and customer expectations. Our goal is to always to reach the best quality in our work, thus we do not cut corners when designing and implementing the production application you need. For us, quality standards, safety, and hygiene are as important as for you.

The solutions we offer are at your disposal for the entire production industry cycle from the primary production to packaging. We manufacture production machinery and equipment for your needs, we design processes and technology from intelligent packaging and logistics to the maintenance of production plants

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Food and Beverages Industry

We serve both small and large food factories that manufacture food, beverages, and confectionery. Due to our extensive know-how, we have several long-term customers in the field. We understand our customers’ needs, and we have the reliability, expertise, high-quality technology, and long tradition to execute their automation projects and maintain their machinery. We can guarantee food quality together with you at all stages of the manufacturing process.


Pharmaceutical Industry

As customers we have both small and major pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical contract manufacturers, and pharmaceutical contract packagers across Finland, Europe and Russia. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, special emphasis is placed on our knowledge and understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We provide high-tech traceability and packaging solutions that are user-friendly and easily tailored to your needs, whether it is a capsule, a powder, or a solution. We also have experience in demanding disposable automatic dispensers, such as autoinjectors.

Other Sensitive Industries

We have also specialized in developing solutions for the sensitive industries. Whether your products are daily consumer products, specialty chemicals, or safety-critical products, we will ensure, through years of experience, the correct handling of the sensitive products.

Other Manufacturing Industries

If previously-mentioned industries did not refer to yours, you can still contact us. Over the years, we have carried out a number of manufacturing industry automation projects, including high-quality electronics, metal and wood. We are confident that we will also find special solutions for your production processes.