Servicepoint Kuopio Oy is an automation company founded in 2006, with roots dating back decades. Our office is located in the heart of Savo in Kuopio, close to good traffic communications. We specialize in challenging automation solutions for the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry and other manufacturing industries.

We deliver industrial automation solutions to meet our customers’ needs from industrial automation and electrification projects to maintenance and robot applications. We provide comprehensive solutions for our customers and act as an integrator who is responsible for automation customization, serialization and device integration, and overall project architecture. In addition to new solutions, we also implement the modernization of old systems.

With intelligent machine and automation solutions, we improve customer’s business in many ways. During the product development cycle, we work closely with the customer. We design automation solutions that emphasize the customer’s effective production and life-cycle thinking.

  • More efficient production processes
  • Less mistakes, smaller loss
  • More homogenous end-products
  • Easier working conditions, better ergonomics

Our work requires versatile machine and equipment design as well as extensive automation and software expertise. As a partner, we are able to guarantee high investment utilization and thus minimize production bottlenecks or any other functional risks. We act responsibly, taking into account production and industry requirements. Thus, the project ordered by the customer is always delivered as required by the regulations and standards related to the objective. We follow eco-friendly practices in all our activities, and we primarily choose materials that are burden nature a little as possible.


Our roots go all the way back to the 1940s. Over the decades we have grown our expertise and grown into a strong automation expert, who offers expertise under the same roof for both automation and maintenance-specific projects.

Below you can find out about our rich history and learn about the milestones achieved over the years.


Kosti Finne founds Sähköfinne


Siemens partnership


First automation delivery to Kitee


Sähköfinne becomes the most notable Siemens System Partner in the Eastern Finland region


100th automation delivery


Reijo Akiola founds Delta-Matic Engineering


Kuopion Automation is founded


500th automation delivery


Servicepoint is founded as a joint venture of Kuopio Konepaja Oy and Delta-Matic


Maintenance and automation provider for Fenestra


Maintenance and service agreement with Martela


Delta-Matic merges with Servicepoint


First complete automation project and automation robot delivery


Maintenance responsibility of door factory at Fenestra


Sähköfinne merges with Servicepoint


Tech Point is founded to be a part of Servicepoint’s comprehensive service pallet


Deltamatic is bought by Servicepoint


Sähköfinne is bought by Servicepoint


Kuopion Automaatio merges with Servicepoint


Servicepoint acquires maintenance operations of Marhill


Servicepoint Consulting is founded


KUKA partnership


800th automation delivery


Official Reichenbacher maintenance member


Systech partnership


Kern Pagemailer manufacturing license agreement


Servicepoint is accepted as Procter & Gamble automation supplier


First serialization project delivered


Official Universal Robots dealer


Servicepoint 10 year anniversary


Official OnRobot dealer


1000th automation delivery


Official Easy Robotics dealer


Official Mobile Industrial Robots dealer


Official Pick-it 3D dealer


Official GRIPKIT by Weiss Robotics dealer