Maintenance services

The maintenance unit provides a comprehensive service for industrial maintenance needs. Our operations are customer-oriented, flexible and efficient. In addition to the comprehensive maintenance services, we provide customized individual maintenance services. We operate in a demanding environment and therefore occupational safety and product safety are key issues for us. Thanks to the several years of the combined industrial maintenance expertise of our staff, we are able to meet the demands of several industries.

Our maintenance services ensure and optimize the life-cycle of your production plant. As a customer, you will receive comprehensive automation spare parts services to ensure trouble-free operation. Our pricing is competitive and we are able to help our customers increase productivity with the help of our motivated staff and organization. Our good relations with domestic and international equipment suppliers and industrial subcontractors ensure high-quality spare parts and fast delivery schedules.

Our maintenance service covers:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Maintenance in shifts
  • Change and upgrade services
  • Modernization
  • Planning and implementation of downtime operations
  • Outsourcing services




The full maintenance agreement covers the maintenance of the entire production process. It eliminates the unnecessary cost of the subcontracting chain and reduces costs, minimizing the unexpected production breaks by means of proactive and systematic operation maintenance. As costs decrease, process reliability and productivity increase. You can also choose weekly, repetitive maintenance, which gives you the support of our entire company on maintenance and automation projects.

Our overall maintenance agreement is always the result of joint negotiations. It takes into account the customer’s needs, wishes, the current state and development needs of maintenance and operation, occupational safety and the working conditions, regulations, and practices of the customer’s own industry.


We tailor our services to meet the needs of our customers by taking over the overall maintenance of our clients’ site. It eliminates the unnecessary costs of the subcontracting chain from the overall process, as we take care of all maintenance-related steps, and take care of everything from start-up to production optimization to ensure reliability in all situations, including:

  • Annual maintenance agreement
  • Preventive maintenance agreement
  • Electrical machinery supervision
  • Training and risk assessments
  • A specialist in radiation sources maintenance
  • Readiness for boiler plant maintenance
  • Spare part management



We support the customer by providing supervision of work, who, together with the customer, identifies areas for improvement, outlines utilization rates and ensures production reliability during peak production. Dedicated maintenance technicians provide high-quality services through proactive and supportive maintenance. Individual repairs and maintenance as well as equipment upgrades alongside maintenance are also part of our maintenance services. For example, we offer our following services:

  • Error corrections
  • Maintenance of production and real estate equipment
  • Expert services and surveys
  • Machine modernization and production line transfers
  • Installation and commissioning services
  • Commissioning inspections of electrical installations


The high-quality components we use in maintenance come from our reliable partners. On your behalf, we take care of the purchase of components and, where appropriate, installation at a site that needs installation or electrification components.

We offer components for:

  • supervision
  • control
  • coupling
  • measurement

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