Expert solutions for production line upgrades and transfers


Over the past decades, Servicepoint has carried out factory maintenance services and various degrees of change and upgrade work on production lines. The driving force behind all the work done has been to improve the efficiency of our customers’ production capacity and improvement of product safety. Servicepoint is known for its comprehensive equipment deliveries to companies operating in different areas of industries. These equipment deliveries have often included industrial robots, conveyor systems, and machine vision systems to name a few. The lesser known service of the company focuses on the transfer of industrial machines and entire production lines from one factory to another and from one country to another.

During the past half year, Servicepoint has been implementing customer projects where the focus has been in the transfer of customer’s production machinery, and modernization of automation and hydraulics. Projects are always implemented in close cooperation with the customer. In these projects, Servicepoint employees often participate in the disassembly of the hardware in the project’s country of origin. After dismantling, the machinery or parts of it are transferred to the Servicepoint Kuopio premises, where they undergo extensive maintenance, refurbishment or modernization procedures aimed at increasing production capacity and safer use. Projects include designing the necessary changes that may apply to, e.g., existing electrical cabling and mechanical components.

Projects focusing on the transfer processes of the production equipment create their own challenges related to the implication and logistics. They also often require designing new parts and mechanical changes as well as changes to existing equipment, maintenance, and software upgrades. All the changes and new designs for mechanical, process, and electrical parts are done according to customers’ requirements. The same goes for equipment re-assembly and line testing. After the changes have been tested and approved, the hardware is transferred to the specified location. Servicepoint’s employees install and deploy the hardware together with the customer and local machine operators. Final testing and production start-up are always done in cooperation with the customer’s equipment users and maintenance personnel. Projects also often include operator and maintenance training for future machine operators. In total, dozens of people from designers, electrical and mechanical installers and document writers are involved in the projects.

Servicepoint implements the factory production line transfer projects, if necessary, and maintains and renews the equipment upon agreement. What is important in every project is that the machines and equipment being modified meet the requirements (e.g. CE markings for used components) and operating conditions set by the customer. Our solid experience in automation equipment ensures that all changes are made with professionalism and meet our high production standards.

Jukka Leskio
Sales Manager
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy
+358 44 7868 213
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