Our versatile expertise is emphasized in our extensive service offering. We have built, modernized, modified, and serviced hundreds of industrial automation lines for food and beverages manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and other fields of industry.

Serialization and Traceability

We offer industry and logistics serialization-based traceability solutions. Traceability of products increases product safety, the reliability of information provided to consumers, and is a regulatory requirement in specific fields such as the pharmaceutical industry as well as medical devices and implants. One of the objectives of traceability is to prevent falsified goods, materials, substances, and products from the market. The other important objective is to improve supply chain visibility.

Robot and Automation Solutions

Our automation unit implements demanding automation systems and centers as well as robotics and electric drives for industrial production lines. Typical items for automation are various piece handling tasks, as well as sorting and packaging tasks in production and logistics. The scope of the service varies from individual projects to comprehensive lifecycle services. In addition, we offer modernization of automation and electrification in a wide range of industries, such as production machines and systems. For decades, we have implemented hundreds of automation projects for customers in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Each project is as unique as the customer. We want to make sure that you as our customer get a solution of the highest quality. Each project is supervised by an experienced project manager who follows the best practices of the industry and the guidelines of each project.

Our services consist of pre-designing and test methods that support the successfulness of the customer’s investments and product-specific technical functionality. Mapping functions and features together with the customer connects with our strong customer expertise. The results showcase our multidisciplinary experience, as we utilize the know-how of the entire organization in the design process. Our customers come for example from the manufacturing industry, the food and beverage industry and the pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing industries.

Maintenance services

Our maintenance unit provides comprehensive industrial maintenance services. Our operations are customer-oriented, flexible, and efficient. In addition to our comprehensive maintenance services, we also provide tailor-made individual maintenance work. We work in demanding environments and therefore work and product safety are key issues for us. Strong professional skills and years of experience in industrial maintenance are our strengths. Our good connections with domestic and international suppliers and industrial subcontractors guarantee high quality spare parts and fast delivery schedules.