Robot and Automation Solutions

Our automation unit implements demanding automation systems and centers as well as robotics and electric drives for industrial production lines. Typical items for automation are various piece handling tasks, as well as sorting and packaging tasks in production and logistics. The scope of the service varies from individual projects to comprehensive lifecycle services. In addition, we offer modernization of automation and electrification in a wide range of industries, such as production machines and systems. For decades, we have implemented hundreds of automation projects for customers in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

All systems are assembled and tested in Kuopio, after which they are approved by the customer. The system is moved to the customer’s premises as ready as possible so that the installation time and the possible break in production can be kept as short as possible. Our extensive process and technology expertise enables reliable dimensioning, design and deployment with the equipment of various vendors.

For all our solutions we also offer comprehensive nationwide maintenance and service. Our services include both faulty repairs as well as 24/7 standby maintenance contracts. We also offer comprehensive assortments of supplies and spare parts. Our goal is for the customer to get expert technology service cost-effectively if desired from one door.


Automation reduces manufacturing costs and improves quality by

  • Ensuring the correctness of materials and raw materials
  • Ensuring the quality of the product
  • Ensuring correct product quantities are packaged
  • Centralizing management and control of product-specific settings
  • Standardizing and streamlining production operations
  • Managing the materials and production data used for the order
  • Managing brand subscription and review based on order information
  • Ensure individual brand labeling by packaging
  • Storing relationships between packing levels (aggregation)
  • Enabling data exchange in logistics, transparency and real-time distribution information



Packaging automation speeds up the packaging process and also helps reduce the ergonomic problems caused by the assembly and packing of cases. Working conditions in the packaging industry are also more suitable for robots than people.


Palletizing refers to a piece processing application where products are automatically transferred and arranged to pallets as desired. The robot picks up the products from one or more places and moves them to the pallet according to the programmed layer pattern. An important part of the process is the pre-ordering of the packages before they are moved to the pallet. Investing in a robotic palletizing system improves productivity, flexibility and profitability and reduces the number of ergonomically risky and cumbersome lifting carried out by staff.

Tailored solutions

Our automation systems, tailored to the needs of different industries, include custom design and manufacturing with all the needed devices, including robots, and all project phases. We consider product development aspects as well as the good serviceability of the equipment — already during the design phase. The solutions we offer are easy to modify and extend, and work seamlessly with other production processes, and are suitable for all industrial production needs.

Machine vision

Machine vision and its applications improve production quality and enhance production performance. At the same time, the cost of quality control can be reduced. The production line equipped with machine vision can be kept running around the clock, and machine vision will, together with other systems, ensure that damaged or substandard products do not enter the logistics chain or reach the consumer.

Industrial robots

Modern industrial robots are easy to use, and the range of application-specific options, straightforward integration, high payloads, and wide scope increase flexibility in production to a whole new level. We supply robots from smaller units to heavier industrial models for the needs of industry, logistics, and services. We design robotic processes, train users, and provide comprehensive maintenance and service.

Collaborative robots

The purpose of the collaborative robot, aka cobot, is to work together with a human in production. Cobots are a new form of robotics for the for safe cooperation with humans for industrial and laboratory solutions. The cobot has been designed to be more sensitive than industrial robots. Cobots are also much lighter than the large-scale robots used in industry. Cobot shapes are more rounded and their wires and motors are built in, making the cobot compact and safe. A cobot does not require separate security systems such as a fence.

Automation enclosure manufacturing

With each automation enclosure we design and manufacture, we aim at modernization and ease of operation of a manufacturing unit. Automation enclosure manufacturing requires high-level know-how in automation systems. We choose only the highest quality components to build the automation enclosure to our customers with our extensive professional experience.

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