Automation enclosure manufacturing

With each automation enclosure we design and manufacture, we aim at modernization and ease of operation of a manufacturing unit. Automation enclosure manufacturing requires high-level know-how in automation systems. We choose only the highest quality components to build the automation enclosure to our customers with our extensive professional experience.


We provide you with a team that ensures that you get a well-built and tested automation enclosure. These units can be:

  • Automation enclosures and logic controllers
  • Control centers and power units
  • Consoles and control enclosures
  • Pneumatic enclosures
  • Customized special enclosures
  • Installation service at your premises
  • Design services for enclosures

Industrial expertise, with efficiency and high quality

Our automation enclosure manufacturing serves e.g. the following industries:

  • Machine automation
  • Material handling
  • Conveyor drives
  • RFID

We know the automation enclosure requirements and rating processes. We also carry out the factory acceptance testing (FAT) with documentation. Automation enclosure manufacturing and testing are carried out in our new modern manufacturing premises. We provide our customers with advanced automation enclosures and innovations that enhance the processes. Upholding our delivery times and the flexibility of our operations have made us a preferred partner in the industry.

Contact our expert

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Automation Products and Services
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