Collaborative robots

The purpose of the collaborative robot, aka cobot, is to work together with the human in production. Cobots are a new form of robotics for the for safe cooperation with humans for industrial and laboratory solutions. The cobot has been designed to be more sensitive than industrial robots. Cobots are also much lighter than the large-scale robots used in industry. Cobot shapes are more rounded and their wires and motors are built in, making the cobot compact and safe. A cobot does not require separate security systems such as a fence.


Programming is a child’s play

Cobot programming is either made easy by a user-interface on a touch panel or by manual control used to teach the cobot.

  • Cobots can be easily reprogrammed
  • No need for expensive third-party programmers when transferring the cobot to new tasks
  • With intuitive software, even an inexperienced user quickly learns the basics of programming and sets the stages simply by moving the cobot arm to the correct position
  • If the task is recurring, programs can be stored into cobots and reused

Thanks to its compact size and easy programmability, the cobot can be applied to several different tasks and therefore the utilization rate of the robot can be optimized. Cobot features bring new use applications where using a traditional robot is not sensible or economically viable.



Versatile use possibilities:

  • Item handling
  • Assembly and packaging
  • Quality control
  • Laboratory work
  • Small series production
  • Cleanroom work
  • Movement of items
  • Optimization of different production units

We are an official distributor of Universal Robots collaborative robots. We provide easy-to-install and programmable cobots for our customers to assist in deployment. We also provide maintenance and maintenance services. Universal Robots is the perfect choice when a collaborative robot is required, which must work safely and flexibly in cooperation with a person.

We also offer a vast assortment of Universal Robots certified accessories to facilitate multiple roles of the cobot. As an authorized Mobile Industrial Robots and EasyRobotics distributor we can help you to start automation process with small investments.


OnRobot – cooperation with suitable gripper

OnRobot’s innovative Plug & Produce grippers help manufacturers make the most of the potential for cooperative robots. Grippers are easy to use, cost-effective and can be used safely alongside a human worker. The gripper can be attached directly to the arm of the cobot and easily programmed, thus accelerating the automation process considerably.


Take advan­tage of the ful­ly inte­grat­ed han­dling solu­tion for Uni­ver­sal Robots. GRIPKIT con­tains every­thing you need to real­ize a pick and place appli­ca­tion with­in min­utes. It is ful­ly com­pat­i­ble to all Uni­ver­sal Robots mod­els and inte­grates seam­less­ly into the Poly­scope soft­ware envi­ron­ment with an easy to use URCaps plug-in.


Pick-it guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products in different applications. The 3D camera can find overlapping products of varying sizes and materials, in glossy and matte colors, including with reflective surfaces and it continues working and poor conditions, even darkness. The Pick-it camera uses structured light to calculate the 3D image. The resulting image is accurate as the camera scans 300,000 points in real time at 30 frames per second. Pick-it calculates the depth and information of the products you want to be picked. The advantage over classic 2D camera’s is that the 3D camera does not require special light and has no problem with reflections. Pick-it is suitable for all major robots.

MiR – flexible and independent goods transportation

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) offers automated, independent transport robots to make it easier for the user to focus on more important tasks. MiR’s independent robot has been created for the transfer of materials inside the production facility. MiR robot takes the most efficient route to its destination, safely avoiding obstacles and people. Thanks to its brilliant technology, MiR’s products can be used almost anywhere as attaching baskets, shelves and the co-operating robot’s hand, make it a versatile helper. With easy programmability, the robot can execute multiple different transportation tasks.

EasyRobotics – An easy way to kick-start automation

Easyrobotics provides ProFeeder robotic cells for easy automation. The modular robotic cell can be built in three stages according to your needs to increase automation in the production process. All parts are easy to replace, handle and install.

ProFeeder Light model is suitable for small series production, with the need to increase automation and production flexibility and efficiency and make it possible to make emergency orders, for example, with unmanned effort.

By expanding to the Profeeder solution, efficiency can be increased to automate the production of small and medium series in two-shift on a CNC or milling machine. ProFeeder Light and ProFeeder solutions are portable, compact and easy to move between machines with a forklift truck.

ProFeeder Multi is a solid solution that increases ProFeeders capacity from one to four trays; it allows the production of large series with a fully automated four-step function. Manual operation is simply limited to filling the filling compartments and changing the feeder.

ProFeeder is compatible with the following robots: ABB Robotics, Fanuc, KUKA Robotics, Motoman and Universal Robots, and has been tested with the OnRobot gripper. ProFeeder has Siemens PLC support.

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