Easyrobotics provides ProFeeder robotic cells for easy automation. The modular robotic cell can be built in three stages according to your needs to increase automation in the production process. All parts are easy to replace, handle and install.

ProFeeder Light model is suitable for small series production. It can be used to increase automation and production flexibility and efficiency and makes possible to make emergency orders, for example, with unmanned effort.

By expanding to the Profeeder solution, efficiency can be increased to automate the production of small and medium series in two-shift on a CNC or milling machine. ProFeeder Light and ProFeeder solutions are portable, compact and easy to move between machines with a forklift truck.

ProFeeder Multi is a solid solution that increases ProFeeders capacity from one to four trays; it allows the production of large series with a fully automated four-step function. Manual operation is simply limited to filling the filling compartments and changing the feeder.

With a lightweight ER5 transport platform, it is possible to move the robot to the desired workstation and with the EasyPalletizer, the palletizing can be easily started in the factory environment.

ProFeeder is compatible with the following robots: ABB Robotics, Fanuc, KUKA Robotics, Motoman and Universal Robots. It has been tested with the OnRobot gripper. ProFeeder has Siemens PLC support.

From the video below you can see how easy automation can be


ProFeeder CNC

Getting started

An easy way to kick-start automation

ProFeeder consists of three components:

  • Robot cell with the robot of the desired manufacturer.
  • A tray that can hold up to 780 parts and is designed for all types of parts. Can be replaced by sheet metal feed.
  • A cart where the parts on the tray are easy to move from one workstation to another.

ProFeeder’s benefits:

  • Quick installation
  • Optimized manufacturing of small series
  • Can be used with most processing equipment
  • A mobile and compact robotic cell that can be easily moved with a forklift truck, for example
  • The repayment period is usually 6-8 months
  • Switching to full automation can be done step by step


Easy and movable palletizing solution

EasyPalletizer, is a platform designed for the purpose of making palletizing easy and mobile inside a factory. The EasyPalletizer consists of Europallet sized consoles consisting of compartment for; robot controller, cables, hosts and lifting module from SKF or pedestal. The EasyPalletizer is designed robust with 300 KG of total weight without robot and lifter mounted.

  • Precision
  • Operation speed
  • Flexibility for manufacturing
  • Safe movement of boxes
  • Fewer associated worker injuries


Dexterous platform for collaborative robots

We also deliver the ER5 platform designed by EasyRobotics, which makes it easy to move a collaborative robot (e.g. UR3 or UR5) attached to a platform from one workstation to another. The robots control panel, as well as the power supply, are easy to move with the compact workstation. No large machines are needed to move this unique mobile platform, as the workstation can be moved similarly to a suitcase. ER5 is a fully integrated solution, enabling automation in small and medium-sized businesses.

Easyrobotics ER5 platform:

  • Developed specifically for UR3 and UR5 collaborative robots
  • Maximizes the mobility of the collaborative robot
  • Helps start automation and reduces production time through production changes


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