Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) offers automated, independent transport robots to make it easier for the user to focus on more important tasks. MiR’s independent robot has been created for the transfer of materials inside the production facility. MiR robot takes the most efficient route to its destination, safely avoiding obstacles and people. Thanks to its brilliant technology, MiR’s products can be used almost anywhere as attaching baskets, shelves and the co-operating robot’s hand, make it a versatile helper. With easy programmability, the robot can execute multiple different transportation tasks.

From the videos below you can see how easy the independent goods transportation can be


MiR – versatile goods transportation

MiRHook with pallet fork application

Flexible and independent goods transportation

MiR product offers:

  • MiR100 – payload 100 kg (with MiRHook up to 300 kg)
  • MiR200 – payload 200 kg (with MiRHook up to 500 kg)
  • Transportation flexibility with different top modules
  • Safe maneuvering and easy programming
  • Fast return of investment – may be as little as one year
  • Workflow optimization and increase in productivity as workers can focus on non-transportation tasks
  • Possibility for production facility layout programming directly into the robot, leaving no need for changes to the production plant

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