The Pick-it 3D camera is designed to guide the robot in picking and positioning overlapping products of different sizes and materials. Products can have a shiny, reflective surface and a matte finish. The camera also works in changing and low-light conditions. Because the Pick-it uses structured light to compute a 3D image, creating an image based on product information and depth, the camera also operates in the dark. Pick-it fits well-known robot brands.

From the videos below you can see how easy automation can be


Pick-it and Universal Robots – smart automated machine loading

Pick-it and KUKA – automated parts handling


Pick-it is easy to set-up, no programming is needed

Designed for challenging lighting conditions, the Pick-it 3D camera calculates the depth and dimensions of movable products. Because the 3D camera does not need a separate light source for part detection, it can pick up the part under conditions that are challenging for a 2D camera.

Pick-it offers two machine vision software’s that you can easily deploy in 15 minutes.

  • The Flex software finds geometric shapes (cylinders, cubes, circles, etc.)

Operators can choose a shape and set a range of sizes that need to be picked

  • The Teach software can handle more complex 3D shapes

Operators can take a 3D picture of the product with Pick-it camera and system will look for this shape


Pick-it supports all the following robotic applications:

  • Machine loading
  • Bin picking
  • Depalletizing
  • Knitting and assembly
  • Pick and Place


You can choose from three different cameras:

  • Pick-it M-HD – for high precision identification and picking of a small and medium-sized object
  • Pick-it M – for identifying and picking of medium-sized objects
  • Pick-it L – for identifying and picking of large-sized objects



Pick-it has launched a free partner demo form. If you fill the contact form we can see how your application can work with Pick-it.



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