Industrial robots

Modern and easy-to-use industrial robots offer a variety of application-specific options, straightforward integration, high payloads and a wide reach that takes production flexibility to the next level. Our passion is to find the best possible solution that meets the needs of the customer from a variety of applications, from processing robotics to precision assembly tasks. Our extensive selection of KUKA industrial robots offers an alternative to automating work tasks from light-weight series to heavier models for industrial, logistics and service needs. We provide robotic process design, train operators, and provide comprehensive maintenance and service for all automation projects we deliver.


KUKA robots


KUKA industrial robots are ideally suited for tasks that require the handling of large loads at high speeds. From the smallest payload of 3 kg up to 1300 kg, the KUKA selection of robots offers a robot for every need. Robots are ideal for handling and moving large and heavy goods, welding, operating machinery and palletizing. Due to its size, the robot is suitable for smaller production space.

The KUKA product range includes:

  • Small robots 3-10 kg
  • Low payloads 6-22 kg
  • Medium payloads 16-60 kg
  • Highs payloads 90-300 kg
  • Heavy payloads 240-100 kg
  • Palletizing robots 40-1300 kg
  • Linear units 100-6500 kg
  • Jet 40-1300 kg

Our operations cover all services for KUKA robots:

  • Sales and delivery
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Spare parts

In addition, our expertise and experience also covers the use of industrial robots by other manufacturers such as ABB and Yaskawa.

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