Machine vision

Machine vision and its applications improve production quality and enhance production performance. At the same time, the cost of quality control can be reduced. The production line equipped with machine vision can be kept running around the clock, and machine vision will, together with other systems, ensure that damaged or substandard products do not enter the logistics chain or reach the consumer.

We implement all our projects based on our long industrial experience and modern machine vision solutions. We solve our customers’ measurement and quality control needs and develop new instrumentation solutions together with them. We implement projects from individual points of measurement to large-scale instrumentation solutions, and we will continue to maintain and further develop if necessary.

We deliver solutions for device management, robotic applications, and quality control. We tailor our applications to meet customer requirements. The easy-to-use interface is a combination of visual clarity and intuitiveness, to make editing the application easier.

Whether you need programming for your machine vision application, or just a full-featured machine vision solution, we can help!

Improve quality control with machine vision

Applications for the machine vision include:

  • Inspection tasks
  • Measuring tasks
  • Material composition and processing inspection
  • Track tracing and control tasks
  • Product uniquity
  • Product counter

When considering the machine vision system:

  • Speed and adequacy of computing capacity
  • Connections to other systems
  • Process conditions: heat, vibration, humidity, dust and gases
  • Space for the camera and the central unit
  • Lighting conditions
  • Possible used colour palette

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