Packaging automation speeds up the packaging process and also helps reduce the ergonomic problems caused by the assembly and packing of cases. Working conditions in the packaging industry are also more suitable for robots than people.

The design is based on customer’s products and industry requirements, as well as improving productivity and profitability. We can design the necessary packaging equipment from scratch to a turnkey solution if needed.

Our extensive experience in packaging automation will help us to solve both your small and larger needs related to packaging. This enables the use of production technologies and packaging solutions that promote consumer safety. Our spare parts, maintenance and expert services ensure a successful customer experience.

Our goal is to guarantee the safe packing and brand protection for your products

To reach this we provide:

  • High-quality automation solutions for production and packaging
  • Traceability solutions and quality assurance
  • Product authentication solutions
  • Compliant packaging technology and integrity protection

With secure packaging, we can help you to ensure:

  • Brand Protection, whereby a positive reputation around the trademark is created
  • Eliminating internal quality problems, to prevent repossession of product due to quality problems in material or raw material
  • Eliminating external quality problems to ensure logistic chain management and authentication
  • Risk management, where potential risks in the value chain of a consumer product can be anticipated and eliminated

With secure packaging, we can help you to prevent:

  • Counterfeiting of original sales
  • Product thefts for resale
  • Loss of profit
  • Loss of reputation

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