Palletizing refers to a piece processing application where products are automatically transferred and arranged to pallets as desired. The robot picks up the products from one or more places and moves them to the pallet according to the programmed layer pattern. An important part of the process is the pre-ordering of the packages before they are moved to the pallet. Investing in a robotic palletizing system improves productivity, flexibility and profitability and reduces the number of ergonomically risky and cumbersome lifting carried out by staff.

The design is based on the customer’s products and pacing time. We design the necessary palletizing hardware and software from the beginning to the end. We make complex, multi-module cells and patterning solutions individually for both smaller and larger production lines. Our spare parts, maintenance and expert services ensure customer success.

We use a variety of industrial robots from our partner KUKA Nordic AB in various projects. According to the customer’s needs, we also use robots from other manufacturers to design a production configuration that meets the needs of our customers.

The benefits of automated palletizing:

  • Releases workers to more productive work
  • Reduces the amount of sick leaves due to reducing ergonomic problems
  • Sets the pace for the production line to stay on full capacity
  • Effective use of production space
  • Flexible layouts
  • Possibility for simultaneous placement on several pallets
  • The robot can move the empty pallet to the palletizing area
  • Programming the robot for new products and palletizing patterns using a graphical user interface
  • Easy to modify when changing products and/or production
  • Long life cycle and low maintenance needs.
  • Connections to higher-level factory information systems and generation of production data

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