Serialization and Traceability

We offer industry and logistics serialization-based traceability solutions. Traceability of products increases product safety, the reliability of information provided to consumers, and is a regulatory requirement in specific fields such as the pharmaceutical industry as well as medical devices and implants. One of the objectives of traceability is to prevent falsified goods, materials, substances, and products from the market. The other important objective is to improve supply chain visibility.

With our extensive experience in track & trace solutions we are able to advise you in planning a serialization project to build an efficient, timely executed project cost-effectively. We can improve process management and real-time understanding of the packaging line, ultimately delivering better performance and lowering costs.

For pharmaceutical serialization projects, we offer our extensive experience in packaging automation to keep the project on schedule cost-effectively. We can also integrate the serialization system into existing packaging automation (retrofit).

Our partner Systech International is a leading brand protection software vendor. Together we are able to link your production lines and facilities with your data management systems and regulator repositories, as well as trading partners such as CMO/CPOs, wholesalers and 3rd party logistics. The result is better visibility and information to enhance your business management while facilitating product tracking

Systech International’s solutions include:

  • UniSight: A multi-market serialization solution for the pharmaceutical industry
  • UniScope: A single-market serialization solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • UniSolve: Pre-engineered serialization and packaging line solutions


Innovative solutions for your company´s everyday needs

Traceability solution for minimizing risks

  • Materials and production data used for the order
  • Product marking and inspection
  • Unique labelling for different packaging levels
  • Relationship data between packaging levels (Aggregation)
  • Enables data exchange and transparency in logistics as well as real-time distribution of information
  • Standardize (and improve) production functions
  • Anti-counterfeiting — brand protection and regulatory requirements

Why choose us as a supplier of your serialization project?

  • We have extensive experience in packaging automation systems
  • We are experienced in the implementation of serialization automation
  • We have extensive knowledge of automation equipment due to our maintenance work

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Serialization and Traceability Solutions
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