Alliance of Blood Operators Chief Executive’s Board meeting in Helsinki on April 10, 2018


Servicepoint´s CTO Iiro Jantunen was invited to give a presentation at Alliance of Blood Operators Chief Executive’s Board meeting in Helsinki on April 10, 2018. The Alliance of Blood Operators (ABO) is a network of over 90 blood operators from North America, Europe, and Australia. ABO seeks to be a high performing international collaboration of blood operators who drive member performance improvement and knowledge exchange.

During the meeting, Iiro Jantunen gave a presentation on material handling in medical manufacturing. The presentation gave some insight on how collaborative robots (cobots) can be introduced to pharmaceutical, healthcare laboratory, and blood products manufacturing and how serialization can help to ensure that the healthcare products meet the set standards. As these fields require highly skilled and qualified personnel, whose working time is highly expensive, cobots can be deployed to the field to take over manual and repetitive, low-skill, work (shaking, moving, filling vials etc.) letting the professionals concentrate in skills and knowledge-requiring work. Cobots are also suitable for clean-room work.

Servicepoint has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has done 1000+ production & packaging line upgrades or new installations. Servicepoint can help you throughout the whole serialization and automation projects, from consulting and design & engineering to implementation, validation, and maintenance. Ask us for help when you need to robotize/automate your production or packaging operations!

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