Servicepoint invites you to serialization open house event May 31, 2018 in Kuopio, Finland


You are welcome to our training facilities in Kuopio, Finland, to experience first-hand our serialization and traceability solutions.

The demo and training line is designed to provide Servicepoint’s clients the possibility to test the serialization options for their products and to get training for their personnel.

We offer a unique environment that allows testing of serialization solutions at our premises. It is possible to demonstrate the serialization process from printing to aggregation. The training line can help you test item level, case level and pallet level serialization and aggregation solutions for your product. We will gladly showcase the technology needed for serialization process and discuss how we can help you.

Come meet our partner Systech to learn about their groundbreaking technologies in assuring product safety across the supply chain.

  • Serialization
  • Track & trace
  • Digital fingerprinting

Servicepoint offers the industry and logistics serialization-based traceability solutions. Traceability of products increases product safety, the reliability of the information provided to consumers, and is a regulatory requirement in specific fields such as the pharmaceutical industry as well as medical devices and implants. One of the objectives of traceability is to prevent falsified goods, materials, substances, and products from the market. The other important objective is to improve supply chain visibility.

For pharmaceutical serialization projects, we offer our extensive experience in packaging automation to keep the project on schedule cost-effectively. We can also integrate the serialization system into existing packaging automation (retrofit).

Please, contact Iiro Jantunen if you are interested in participating in the open house event.

Iiro Jantunen
CTO, Chief Technology Officer
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy
+358 44 7868 215