Cobots, collaborative partners for small series production and laboratory work


Cobots, collaborative robots, are designed to work with people. They differ from traditional robots in that they can be used to assist human workers in difficult and challenging tasks and that they are easy to train to perform new tasks. Cobots are helpful workmates that need not be hidden behind safety fencing. They are extremely suitable for today’s manufacturing environments, which are required to be increasingly adaptive and flexible.

Cobots are designed to meet manufacturing requirements in small series production. They are ideal for repetitive tasks and for circumstances in which it is difficult for human workers to perform safely full time.

Servicepoint has operated in the automation industry for three decades. Our strength lies in the extensive automation expertise and experience that we have accumulated in numerous automation and robotics projects carried out for different customers. We have programmed robots since 2007, and we delivered our first entire robot cell in 2010. In 2011, our expertise led us to collaborate with KUKA Robotics, which manufactures traditional robots, and since then, with Universal Robots, which manufactures cobots.

Easy to use

The deployment of a cobot is easy and requires less practice than larger industrial robots. The user only needs to understand the basic principles and then teach the cobot to perform the required tasks. If necessary, the cobot can be moved from one production line to another or its tasks changed on a fast schedule. After reprogramming, the cobot is ready for new tasks. “Universal Robots cobots can be programmed easily from a mass memory device or even from a cloud, and their deployment is fast”, robot programmer Kyösti Mäkinen states.

“At the moment, the only restriction is actually the carrying capacity. The maximum weight that Universal Robots cobots are able to lift is 10 kg. On the other hand, the small, compact size allows them to be used in small spaces. The variety of tasks that cobots can perform is also wide, ranging from moving items and assisting in the manufacture of components to handling laboratory samples”, says Olli Kemppinen.

The development of cobot applications is fast, and the industry is expected to grow. Servicepoint is prepared to respond to demand and find solutions for the customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently. We are highly experienced in programming robots manufactured by Universal Robots, KUKA and other major manufacturers.

Servicepoint is the official distributor of Universal Robots cobots in Finland. They are easy to install and program, but we also assist in their deployment. We provide maintenance services and, if necessary, re-configure the cobots. Universal Robots cobots are an excellent choice for a robot that collaborates with human workers safely and flexibly.


Olli Kemppinen
Sales Manager
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy