Easy automation with ecosystem designed for Universal Robots collaborative robots


Servicepoint has been an official Universal Robots sales partner in Finland for two years now. Recently, we have strengthened the versatility of the Universal Robots cobot systems by assembling a diverse set of attachments around the cobot. Although the cobot itself is an agile programmable robot that performs many tasks easily, additional devices can help the user to take full advantage of the robot and can be harnessed in situations where the automation has not previously been effortless and easy to deploy. Boosting human productivity by using robots has never been so cheap and easy before — Universal Robots repayment time is on average 8 months. Solutions are now also suitable for small industries and small-scale production, even in laboratories.

We at Servicepoint aim to make automation effortless by providing hardware solutions that suit different needs. We have created an ecosystem around our Universal Robots collaborative robots, which is supported by a number of accessories from different manufacturers. We offer many grippers as well as camera and sensor solutions for different applications. To facilitate mobility, there are also easily movable workstations that take advantage of the versatility, agility, and size of the cobot. Universal Robots cobots have a cleanroom certification, making them an attractive solution for laboratory and cleanroom work.

Thanks to its easy programmability and user interface, Universal Robots and its accessories can be quickly put in service. Our extensive selection includes On Robot and Robotiq, which are almost immediately ready for use after attachment. “The grippers are very similar. Perhaps the biggest difference between two different gripper manufacturers is in the form of a gripper and that Robotiq also offers a three-finger grip that resembles a little more human hand. Grippers can be equipped with the desired adhesive surfaces,” says Olli Kemppinen, Sales Manager at Servicepoint, responsible for automation products and services.

For the camera options, we sell camera made by Robotiq that connects directly to the Universal Robot cobot and camera made by PickIt. The cameras make part handling even easier. PickIt’s camera differentiates from its Robotiq counterpart in a way it is attached to the robot. PickIt’s camera does not attach itself to the robotic arm but is stationed above the arm’s working area. With the camera, the robot can work independently even in dimly-lit conditions. PickIt’s 3D camera recognizes overlapping products of different sizes and materials that are glossy and matte in color, as well as surface-reflective. “The camera allows the Universal Robots cobot to be used in sorting, packaging, and moving of goods. This will simplify the integration of robotic cells and save valuable time in production”, Kemppinen adds.

Automation does not have to be a big investment at first

There is a lot of talk regarding automation, often referring to robots and complicated hardware. EasyRobotics provides an easy alternative for automating with their ProFeeder modular robot cell. Only a collaborative robot of the desired weight class is needed, which can be attached to the cell and the automation solution is ready for use. With the adapter robots from various manufacturers can also be attached to the cell. The EasyRobotics modular robot cell can be built in three stages to correspond the company’s current automation needs in the production process.

Transport of goods can also be handled with easily automated solutions. We offer an independent solution for internal logistics and transportation. Mobile Industrial Robots, MiR, quickly automates your internal transportation and logistics and carries a large load on either a worktop installed on top of MiR or in a trolley pulled by MiR. For example, the worktop may consist of open shelves, a closable goods box, a conveyor belt or a basket. There are numerous alternatives, and work hours used for freight transport can be allocated instead of transporting goods to the manufacturing process. If a robot is meant to be used for transporting a larger quantity of goods, a trolley can be attached to it. For example, in institutions, food and goods transport can be delegated to a self-directed robot whose functions can be monitored, for example, from a tablet.

“When looking for partners, we have wanted to focus on the fact that the customer has a varied selection at their disposal. Pricing, ease of deployment, ease of use, and reliability are important features that a company planning on starting automation pays attention to. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to integrate Universal Robots cobots into the automation industry to further improve the industry”, Kemppinen concludes.

The Universal Robots collaborative robots sold by Servicepoint are simple to use, flexible and, above all, inexpensive. We take care of the acquisition of the cobot and its delivery to your production facilities. We also provide the needed accessories that are compatible with Universal Robots cobots. The accessories are designed to be easily plugged and seamlessly fitted to the cobot. Many of the accessories are also suitable for KUKA robots we represent.

Olli Kemppinen
Sales Manager
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy