Helping Russians to get safe medicines in joint project with SKOLKOVO


Pharmaceutical market regulators are requiring serialization of pharmaceutical products. Upgrading pharmaceutical packaging lines with serialization is thus an ongoing task for pharmaceutical companies. Russia is planning a full serialization and track & trace system from the pharmaceutical manufacturers to the end-users. Serialization aims to ensure that the medicine the end-user buys can be traced through both production and transportation chains back to its origins and ensuring that it has not been tampered with along the way.

Earlier this year Servicepoint had the opportunity to participate in a consulting project led by Vladimir Preobrazhenskiy, the Head of Research at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and overseen by Svetlana Pashkevich, Director of the SKOLKOVO MBA and Executive MBA Programmes, and Andrey Shpak, Leader the SKOLKOVO WTC research, and advisory team. The selection criterion was tight and Servicepoint qualified for the project based on its previous experience in automation of packaging lines in Russian factories and the company’s known strong ability to offer the new serialization technology which will be required by law for medicines.

Servicepoint has followed the development of the Russian legislation on pharmaceuticals over several years to be able to serve the needs of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. With Russia’s upcoming serialization requirements for medicine packages projected to 2019, the company is ready for the task. Servicepoint wants to help Russian companies respond to the requirements of the new legislation in the most efficient way, and for that Servicepoint needed an in-depth analysis of the needs of the Russian pharmaceutical industry to tailor the services for the demand.

Valuable experience

Selected SKOLKOVO MBA students worked with the project from November 2016 to March 2017, as a part of their educational program, to help Servicepoint increase its Russian expertise. SKOLKOVO’s core educational principle is “learning-by-doing”, which means that the students take part in action-based projects and gain the experience via practice and showcase their own expertise and skills at the same time. This transferred well to the project. SKOLKOVO’s offered expertise and knowledge of various Russian industries provided an encouraging atmosphere for the project and helped Servicepoint to reach its target.

“During this project, we got to ‘live and breathe’ the Russian pharma market. I had a 5-year experience prior to this project from the field of medical devices, as I worked in GE Healthcare, but still the project gave us a challenge, as it required strong involvement and cooperation with a huge network of professionals”, tells Yana Rudenko, a SKOLKOVO MBA student who participated in the project

“Collaboration with SKOLKOVO was excellent. SKOLKOVO students were cooperative and demonstrated the highest level of professional as well as language skills and commitment. We would definitely recommend the program for foreign companies interested in accessing the Russian market”, says Iiro Jantunen. 

Positive results and feedback have encouraged Servicepoint to step further into the Russian packaging and serialization automation markets. Partnership with the global leader of serialization technology, Systech International, whose main point of contact Servicepoint is in Russia, will furthermore help Servicepoint to successfully support the Russian pharmaceutical industry by upgrading their automation equipment to the required standards.

Iiro Jantunen
CTO, Chief Technology Officer
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy