Modern robot know-how with user-centered design


Satakunta hosted the Oivalluksia robotiikasta seminar at the end of August. The event gathered industrial companies interested in robotics to the new campus of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, in Pori. The themes discussed during the day were: industrial robots of the future, collaborative robots, mobile robots, and novelty welding robots.

Partaking in the event was a full spectrum of speakers. Among the speakers was also the Servicepoint´s Chief Technical Officer Iiro Jantunen, who gave a lecture about the Robot and user-centered design to the audience present. The topic is quite topical because nowadays, the users are contemplating how they would like the device they have acquired, in this case, the robot, to work and respond best to their needs, and how the user should adapt to this new co-operation with the robot.

“Universal Robots are well suited for cleanroom work and places where people would find it difficult to work. The user interface is user-friendly and does not require even the beginner’s programming skills”, tells Olli Kemppinen, an expert at Servicepoints Automation Products and Services, who showcased the Universal Robots cobot features to the visitors. The cobot attracted interest, for example through its easy user interface, portability, and versatility. “Our knowledge of Universal Robots collaborative robots is comprehensive and this event was an excellent opportunity for showcasing that expertise, network, and see new innovations,” adds Kemppinen.

The event was part of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, the Satakunta association and the Robot Academy, and Pirkanmaa association joint project. At the same time, it provided an excellent way to support project activities and design new projects, as well as cooperation between actors across the county and industry boundaries.

Olli Kemppinen
Sales Manager
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy