Phil Taylor of has interviewed Servicepoint’s Chief Technology Officer, Iiro Jantunen


Phil Taylor of has interviewed Servicepoint’s Chief Technology Officer, Iiro Jantunen, on the ongoing Russian pharmaceutical serialization pilot. Feel free to contact us for more information on the subject.

Jantunen would like to see some elements of the system, such as consumer verification, used more widely.

“The Russian mobile medicine verification app, for back-tracing the medicine package one has purchased through the logistics chain back to the manufacturer, is very useful,” he said, pointing to its potential for allowing patients to compare the price of a drug to its official price limit and identify which pharmacies have the medicine in stock.

“A similar app should be considered also by the European authorities, for example where customers are using Internet pharmacies and cannot see the verification happening for themselves.”

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Iiro Jantunen
CTO, Chief Technology Officer
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy