Safe and efficient transport of Euro-pallets with MiR500


The Danish Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), which manufactures self-moving cooperative robots, introduced a new MiR500 robot during the Automatica trade fair earlier this spring. The robot has been designed to transport pallets and heavy loads independently and it complements the product family created previously by MiR100 and MiR200 models. The MiR500 is designed to meet the high safety standards required by the prestigious TÜV certificate.

The size of the MiR500 equals to standard EUR-pallet. Pallet Lift and Pallet Rack, add-ons designed specifically for MiR500, ensure stable handling of the pallet and navigation. With the pallet lift MiR500 picks, delivers, and unloads pallets independently from the pallet rack. In practice, the MiR500 slides under the platform under the rack and raises an empty or loaded pallet and navigates to the desired unloading point. This enables employees to focus on other tasks instead of transporting pallets.

There is no need for structural changes in business premises because the sophisticated navigation system takes care of the robot’s movement. The floor plans can be installed to the robot in CAD-format or, respectively, the robot can configure the layout using its own laser scanners. The same scanners help to avoid obstacles and collision with people. When faced with obstacles, the robot automatically searches for a new route to avoid costly delays.

“The technology is in principle consistent with MiR100 and MiR200 models. The difference can be seen in the size, the lifting power, and the affordance. The new model raises a 500 kg load and moves at a speed of 7.2 km/h, which is quite fast. The robot can be operated continuously for 8 hours and when the robot is inoperative it can be programmed to return to its platform to recharge while waiting for the next assignment”, explains Olli Kemppinen, a sales manager for automation products and services at Servicepoint.

The MiR500’s advanced technology helps the robot to see 360 degrees around and user-friendliness ensures that even an inexperienced user understands the robot’s features very quickly. The MiR500 can be controlled via the intuitive MiR interface through a smartphone, tablet or computer, and can be programmed without previous programming experience. The robot can also be integrated into the ERP system for a fully automated solution. And since the MiR500 can be quickly integrated with various modules, the robot can be equipped with, for example, a conveyor belt or a robotic arm.

“The same flexibility and ease of use apply to MiR500 as to the previously introduces MiR100 and MiR200 models,” says Kemppinen. “Small robots have met the needs of many of our customers, but there has also been demand for a model that is able to carry heavier loads. The robust design of the MiR500 now provides companies with an autonomous transport robot that enables moving EUR-pallets between different workstations in industrial plants and warehouses.”

Servicepoint is the authorized reseller of the MiR autonomous transport robots in Finland. We take care of the purchase and delivery of the desired robot and supply all the ordered accessories. If the customer wishes, we also take care of maintenance and updates on their behalf.

Olli Kemppinen
Sales Manager
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy