Servicepoint and Cajo Technologies have formed a partnership


Servicepoint has formed a partnership with the domestic laser marking equipment manufacturer Cajo Technologies. New partners have experienced an increase in the need for traceability solutions from the customers and want to respond to the demand through Cajo’s laser marking solutions. An upward trend is also seen in developing markup processes to meet today’s demands for cost-effectiveness, for example, by replacing ink-jet systems and laser engraving machines.

From integrators, Servicepoint is a well-known supplier of industrial maintenance and automation solutions and has implemented several serialization and packing lines all over Europe and Russia. The company is an expert in traceability solutions in its field.

“Servicepoint specializes in the implementation of traceability solutions for counterfeit product packaging such as serialization in medicines, medical instruments and other speciality products. Cajo’s laser labelling solutions extend our service capabilities, for example, to the direct labelling of metal and plastic multi-use products e.g. medical instruments,” says Jukka Leskio from Servicepoint.

The partnership with Cajo Technologies adds value to Servicepoint´s offered automation solutions for the customers through quality and versatile laser engravings. With the partnership, Servicepoint can offer cost-effective solutions that are integrated into production lines or work as separate solutions when needed.

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Additional information

Servicepoint Kuopio Oy
Jukka Leskio
Sales Manager, Robot and Automation Solutions
Mob: +358 44 7868 213

Cajo Technologies Oy
Matti Halonen
Sales Manager, Finland & Baltic
Mob: +358 40 6351 010

Cajo Technologies Oy is a company founded in 2010 operating in Finland and around the world known for its world-class laser engraving technology. The company’s laser engraving technology is utilized by SSAB, Fiskars, Outokumpu, Kone, Prysmian Group, Kemppi and Woikoski.

Servicepoint Kuopio Oy is a leading serialization automation supplier in the Nordic countries and it operates in all of Europe and Russia. The roots of its automation expertise go back 30 years. Based in Kuopio, the company specializes in industrial automation projects, maintenance, and robotic applications. Servicepoint has automated hundreds of production lines for different fields of industry, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.


Jukka Leskio
Sales Manager
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy