Servicepoint appoints new CEO


Servicepoint has appointed a new CEO, Jari Kukkonen (39), starting 1.8.2018. Mr. Kukkonen has extensive experience in the management and development of forest industry maintenance, projects, and service business. For the past eight years, Mr. Kukkonen has served as a chief executive officer for family businesses, where he has been responsible in particular for strategy renewal, sales development, and change management.

Additional information:

Jari Kukkonen

Chief Executive Officer

Servicepoint Kuopio Oy

Mob: +358 40 5328 701


Servicepoint is a leading serialization automation supplier in the Nordic countries and it operates in all of Europe and Russia. The roots of the automation expertise go back 30 years. Based in Kuopio, the company specializes in industrial automation projects, maintenance, and robotic applications. Servicepoint has automated hundreds of production lines for different fields of industry, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Iiro Jantunen
CTO, Chief Technology Officer
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy