Servicepoint invited its customers to enjoy Alahovi berry wine farm´s rustic country atmosphere


This year’s second customer event with Servicepoint was directed to Kuopio’s renowned Alahovi berry wine farm at the end of August. 20 representatives, from all over Finland, attended the event arranged for the first time. Attendees represented pharmaceutical, food and other manufacturing industries for which Servicepoint has delivered production line automation solutions and provided maintenance services over the years.

“We wanted to arrange this event during the summer to counterbalance the hockey event we arranged during the springtime. We hoped to create an enjoyable evening consisting of good food and local beers and to celebrate the ending of the summer. This was also an opportunity to showcase our local know-how to the representatives of the participating companies”, says Jukka Leskio from Servicepoint.

The occasion began with a short archipelago tour on the local Roll boat company´s lake boat, during which visitors could explore the waters of the vast archipelago of Kuopio and the growing city itself. At the Alahovi berry wine farm visitors had an opportunity to sample beers produced in the farm’s own premises and listen to the master of the farm, Risto Hallman, explain about the long and rich history of the berry wine production, that began in 1995. The menu, created by the hostess, Taina Hallman, was enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere, in a typical Savo-like way without any rush and in good company.

“Based on the feedback, both the cruise to Alahovi berry wine farm and the dinner there will occur as a yearly event in the future”, Leskio adds as the cruise ship returns to Kuopio´s passenger port.

Jukka Leskio
Sales Manager
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy