Servicepoint: Production facilities that match the pharmaceutical industry


In September, Servicepoint relocated to new premises in the “Silicon Valley of the pharmaceutical industry”. The location in Kuopio’s Volttikatu, within a stream of pharmaceutical companies, was a strategic choice.

Servicepoint has historically been known as a traditional maintenance company, but the company has now expanded its facilities in order to specialize in secure packaging. Servicepoint’s new premises are more spacious than before and more functional, states Human Resources Manager Matti Martikainen. Our production facilities share the same characteristics as the packaging facilities used by the pharmaceutical industry.

“We have been restructuring our operations for several years now. We are a comprehensive supplier: we design projects, collect and program the robots and other subcontractor components to form production lines, run factory tests, provide the client with training and install the device. We also provide maintenance services”, lists Martikainen.

Another new development comes in the form of new training facilities where Servicepoint, together with its partner Systech, will train project engineers, software engineers and other specialists for serialization projects. The facilities will be ready by the turn of the year. These facilities will include a model production line, which can be used to try out production lines and robots “live”.

“We will not only be training our own people but also new employees and customers. We currently have 55 employees, but it looks like we will need to recruit more staff for production and software design before spring.”

Bubbling under its calm surface, the pharmaceutical industry has an underlying need to serialize the production lines of medicines – and this change will need to take place within quite a short time frame. Servicepoint has thought ahead and made the necessary preparations. In response to the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive, the packaging lines of prescription drugs must be serialized by the beginning of February 2019. The pharmaceutical industry is not alone in its need for secure packaging, other sensitive industries also have a growing need for the service.

“We have accounted for the space requirements that come with strong growth. We have more room earmarked for us on the other side of the wall, where there is enough room for production lines up to 100 meters long. Our personnel are very enthusiastic and feel extremely positive about all of this. It all feels very innovative. Everyone has confidence in the future”, Martikainen says with a smile on his face.

Iiro Jantunen
CTO, Chief Technology Officer
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy