Servicepoint uses Siemens TIA Portal in industrial internet manufacturing applications


Servicepoint and Siemens jointly provided training to Servicepoint’s employees of the potential of the new TIA Portal in robot programming. TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal is a programming tool designed for Siemens logic, panels, and power drives. They are designed to speed up, facilitate and optimize programming. The portal can be used to control actuators, and cells consisting of actuators or other units. The portal combines programmable logic, visualization, use, security technology, and bus interfaces. The user interface is easy to deploy and interactive, and therefore the user can easily make both automation and application programs with easy software architecture.

“The purpose is to offer for both customers and end-users a robot system that has been programmed through TIA Portal. The portal brings additional value to the control of the robot cell and the communication path is easy to deploy. In Finland, Servicepoint’s employees are among the first to get this training”, tells Timo Laakso, a trainer from Siemens.

Specific know-how with practical exercises

Servicepoint’s programmers could practice how the KUKA robot can be easily accessed through the TIA Portal programming tool, thus reducing the resources needed for programming. Until now programmable robots have acted as a separate unit in their own “world”. The new programming tool aims to bring the robot closer to its user by making programming easier for an inexperienced robot programmer to build logic and user interference projects. The robot controller will not necessarily be needed in the future, as the user interface transfers to the Siemens panel.

“TIA Portal is commonly used in factory environments where Siemens’s logic is in use, but for example in Finland, the mxAutomation software used in training has not yet been used to control the robot via programmable logic”, states robot programmer Kyösti Mäkinen from Servicepoint who participated in the training event. With the help of mxAutomation used in training, the user can concentrate all the programming work on logic; there is no need for two separate operators (logic and robot) in the automation cell. This greatly facilitates programming and deployment at the customer’s premises.

“Customers do not see the robot anymore as a deterrent that requires complicated measures for use. Instead of having both a robot programmer and a logic programmer in a project, the logic programmer can independently manage the robot as well. Especially in the industrial environment, this will lower the threshold for the introduction of the system, since there, logic programmers are usually available. Due to the reduced programming needs, the project costs will lower”, says chief operating officer Kari Louhisuofrom Servicepoint.

Servicepoint is a solution partner of Siemens, and official system partner of KUKA Robots in Finland. We provide robots for the customers and deploy them to the production site. We provide also maintenance services and, if necessary, re-configure the robots per your needs.

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