Summer is the busiest time of the maintenance season


The summer months are the busiest time of yearly maintenance in several production plants around Finland. The timing of the maintenance period is most common from the beginning of May to the end of September and, depending on the customer’s needs, lasts from one to a couple of weeks. Often, when the customer’s production process’ and seasons length define the time of maintenance work, the maintenance procedures are done at another time. When the time of maintenance has been agreed on, careful preliminary planning is the cornerstone of success for effective maintenance. Well-planned maintenance on time with the ordered spare parts brings significant cost savings during maintenance and start-up.

Servicepoint offers its customers services and tools for organizing maintenance and practical implementation. Our maintenance planning is based on good knowledge of the maintenance location and planning made together with the customer. Our service experts design a tailored service schedule for customers’ machines and equipment and take care of the spare part orders if necessary.

Servicepoint’s maintenance expertise is diversified to meet the different needs of the food, chemical, and wood industries. With years of expertise, it is possible to do maintenance flexibly and cost-effectively. Our range of maintenance services includes both the machines and equipment we manufacture ourselves and the machinery and equipment manufactured by other manufacturers. Servicepoint’s expertise is also used in customer demanding maintenance, calibration and commissioning projects. Per the customer’s needs, Servicepoint takes care of the services comprehensively with its own service team or provides the customer with the assistance of several qualified professionals who are part of the customer’s service team. We also serve customers in spare part purchases.

“The summers are the busiest time and most of our maintenance experts are reserved before the summer even begins. Calendars are filled quite well already during the spring when our customers book our staff to carry out planned seasonal maintenances, and possible device and system modernization planned for the same time period. But it can also accommodate unforeseen service visits to help the customer get their production quickly up and running,” tells Marko Härkönen, who is responsible for sales and management of Servicepoint maintenance services.

In addition to seasonal maintenance, Servicepoint develops customer-specific maintenance programs, looks for faults, and arranges workers to be on call during maintenance shutdowns and start-up processes. We also provide proactive production planning services to ensure the smooth operation of production equipment and extended life-cycle. In addition, we provide comprehensive maintenance planning services for our customers, which ensures that production equipment operates correctly – all this to extend the life cycle of equipment and increase productivity. With proactive actions, downtime is reduced, and possible process changes become easier.

Servicepoint has several years of experience in maintenance services with customers operating in different industries and sizes. Our strong experience with automation equipment ensures that all changes made meet our high production standards. Our services that range from machine transfers to doing modernizations and new machinery installations cover electrical automation and mechanical equipment.

Marko Härkönen
Key Account Manager
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy