Versatile palletizing solutions for the needs of manufacturing industry


Servicepoint is an automation house with strong expertise. Over the past decade, we have designed numerous production upgrade projects for our customers. A typical automation task generally focuses on packaging and sorting at production and logistics facilities. We offer customer-specific services, ranging from upgrade projects to comprehensive lifecycle services. In addition to this, we provide modernization services for automation and electrification of a wide range of industries, such as production machinery and systems. Over the past decade, we have implemented numerous automation projects for customers operating in the food, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and chemical industries.

Servicepoint carries out a wide range of automation projects that incorporate various packaging and palletizing solutions. “Our goal is to ensure secure packing and brand protection for our customer’s products “, says sales manager Jukka Leskio who is responsible for robot and automation solutions at Servicepoint.

Servicepoint usually implements a continuous palletizing task to the palletizing magazine. Both the Euro-pallet and half-sized Euro-pallet can be in the same palletizing magazine and the easy-to-manage packaging and palletizing pattern control ensure that the palletizing runs smoothly regardless of the size of the pallet. “We want to offer high-quality automation solutions and customized packaging technology to our customers. With our experience and expertise, we can design customized packaging automation and palletizing solutions that are tailored to our customers‘ needs, for both small and large projects ranging from small to large-scale production”, continues Leskio.

Palletizing solutions that meet the customers’ needs

We implement palletizing from one pallet station to several pallets. Individual packing and palletizing units can be combined into a single logistics system with the help of an automated factory system. In each case, there are preset settings and functions that are used. ”We use our own patented software to help create a functional palletizing pattern. The software enables the customer to create a new palletizing pattern within minutes. Thus, for example, the change in package size between production runs can be done quickly”, adds Leskio.

The basis for designing the packaging automation solution comes from the customer’s products and industry requirements and regulations with the aim to improve productivity and profitability. If needed, Servicepoint can design the required packaging solution from start to finish. “The customer can easily add a control room or traceability solutions to our packaging solutions to ensure secure packaging. We use Siemens logic which communicates with the line equipment and machines, machine vision cameras, as well as code readers and marking devices”, concludes Leskio. The monitoring solution provided by Siemens functions as a data collector for traceability and production data for each production batch. It has been developed specifically for production order management and is scalable when needed.

Servicepoint´s extensive process and technology expertise enable reliable dimensioning, design, and deployment of the equipment coming from various suppliers. Our extensive network of partners and our skilled workers are at our customers‘ service. We offer a comprehensive package of expert technology services cost-effectively. When you need help with packaging automation, contact us.

Jukka Leskio
Sales Manager
Servicepoint Kuopio Oy